To be able to deliver the agreed effective development, William Petersen Elektronik A/S makes use of different methods/technologies. 

Projects typically contain many different sub-circuits. For example, interfaces for analogue and digital signals, A/D & D/A conversion, data sharing via network etc. In addition requirements for data processing speed and response times must be honoured. Products are also developed with special requirements for long product lifespan, low power consumption and optimal production price. 

Below is an overview of theories and technologies that the company uses to accommodate requirements placed for product development. 

  • User/Operator operation

    Touch/HMI Technology
    Mechanical/electrical/magnetic push-button  
    Web-Enabled remote control and diagnostics 
  • CPU/MCU Platform (8/16/32 Bit)

    Atmel –AVR® & ARM®
    Freescale™ Inc - 68000 & ColdFire® CPU/MCU
    NXP - Cortex®
    Texas Instruments Inc – MSP, ARM® & Cortex®
    Zilog® - Z8, Z8Encore® & Super-8
  • Computer Network & Communication

    CAN-Bus - CANOpen®, DeviceNet®
    TCP/IP, USB, Standard/Proprietary partyline RS422/RS485, RS232 
    POTS, GPRS & FSK Modem
  • Display & Information Systems

    Alphanumeric and Graphic information display
    Colour and monochrome – LED & LCD
  • Hardware development

    High-speed digital technology
    Analogue & Mixed Signal Design
  • Identification technology

    RFID & Barcode Registration
    Multi-task Systems
  • Software development

    C, C++ & Assembler Programming 
    XML - HTML
    SoftPLC Programming

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AVR® Atmel Corporation
ARM®, Cortex™ ARM Ltd.
ColdFire®, MQX™ Freescale Inc.
CANOpen® CAN in Automation e.V.
DeviceNet® Open DeviceNet Vendor Association (ODVA)
FLEXMTS® William Petersen Elektronik A⁄S
Z8Encore® Zilog Inc.

During the course of the past 30 years, William Petersen Elektronik A/S has developed electronic solutions for many industries and for many purposes. 

Based on experience from numerous constructions and through the use of the latest technology, we can offer a giving and constructive co-operation with our customers surrounding the solving of tasks. All development projects always occur in very close dialogue with the customer to ensure that the end product meets all requirements and desires. 

Below is a list of some of the types of tasks that William Petersen Elektronik A/S has solved and can therefore be recommended for: 

  • Recipe based mixing and dosage systems

    Used, among others, when producing asphalt and concrete.
    Foodstuffs e.g. bread production and feed mixtures for pets. 
  • Data collection, registration and reporting 

    Collection and registration of data from measurement systems and instruments in biological and chemical laboratories.
    Control systems in association with the production of foodstuffs. 
  • Optical and electrical sensor interface

    Signal conditioning, programmable amplifiers, conversion to digital value and linearisation of signals from optical sensors.
    Reception and treatment of analogue and digital signals from e.g. thermometers and hygrometers.
  • Control and Regulation  

    Product feeding through the use of vibration technology and motors for use in e.g. the production of foodstuffs.
    Positioning systems for CNC machines and test samplers with the use of stepper motors. 
  • Information systems

    Digital information boards, graphic and alphanumeric versions for use in traffic and payment systems. Including for use in harsh outdoor environments. 
  • Machine and device control systems

    Controls of hydraulic based brake systems for conveyor belts, escalators, etc.
    Microprocessor based operating and display systems for high-end hi-fi equipment.
  • Signal conversion

    Protocol converters between industry and other networks.
  • National defence

    Usage cannot be disclosed.
  • Hand-held devices  

    Measurement of oxygen concentration in connection with welding of oil/gas pipelines.
    Measurement of oxygen concentration in connection with welding of oil/gas pipelines. Determination of density degree for use in prepress in the graphics industry.
  • Weighing systems  

    Intelligent strain-gauge interfaces with digital filters, programmable amplification ad offset for fast and precise determination of product quantity in mixing and dosing systems.
  • Medical Devices 

    Apparatuses for testing and experimental purposes.
    Control/monitoring units for e.g. anaesthesia apparatuses.


With a background in solid experience, we work with effective electronic development of, among others, intelligent device and industrial controls.

We provide support in one or more parts of the process, from idea conception, to development of hard and software and prototypes for testing, to approval and production of finished products. 

The entire process, both large and small, is carried out in close co-operation with the customer to ensure a satisfactory process where objectives and quality are prioritised. 

This is why our customers choose us as a co-operative partner, many even since the company was founded in 1981. 

Solutions in many formats, but always according to need

The intelligent solutions from William Petersen Elektronik A/S are based on the newest technology in embedded systems, 8/16/32-bit micro controllers, programmable logic, CAN-bus based networks, man-machine technology, etc. New knowledge and technology are naturally updated and implemented continuously.

Our staff is supplemented by reliable sub-suppliers and we can therefore develop both larger and smaller solutions according to needs. Our solutions and products are built on more than 30 years' experience in successful co-operation with a large number of industries: the foodstuff industry, the building industry, defence, the medical industry, the graphics industry and many others. 

Interested in competent embedded computing or technical sparring?

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